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20 American Idol icons + 3 headers

New tag: ! headers, because I've been making quite a few :0

This batch contains, among other things, David Cook Faces (he so wacky) and an unhealthy sort of love for a car commercial. Srsly, guys, this AU needs to be written!

Icon count:
7 David Archuleta
6 David Cook
2 David Cook/David Archuleta
3 'Tainted Love' Ford commercial (Cook, Archuleta, Brooke White)
2 David Archuleta quotes

+ 3 headers (Cook/Archuleta, Archuleta, 'Tainted Love')

NO HOTLINKING. Feel free to take, steal, circulate, &c. Comments and credit to iconthology would be appreciated. (I also take requests.)






(click on previews to view headers)




- #1: In bridges he burned/ and the times that she died - obviously, this video proves that David wholeheartedly pushes for the undead agenda (and 'Seasons of Love' should never be an Idol group song ever again).
- the Cook/Archuleta header is based on a piece of fanart I had done
Tags: ! headers, people: david archuleta, people: david cook, tv: american idol
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They're all FAB and I have no idea which ones I want yet. Cook makes the best faces, y/y? And Archie is just so.fucking.precious.

Also...MFEO IS SO PERFECT *flails*
These are awesome!

1, 4, 5 and 20 crack me up.

And is 16 a Jack's Mannequin reference by any chance?
Thank you :D

Yep! I love Andrew McMahon's lyrics!
taking a few, thanks! will credit when used.

out of curiosity, who's the kidlet in 10?
Sorry, I don't know who she is :0 But thank you for commenting!


9 years ago

Number seven is the cutest icon I have ever seen. Ever.

Memming. These are gorgeous. <33
Gorgeous icons! Where did you get that background for the first banner? I love it!
Thank you! The background was actually a combo of brasaremean's paper scan and a striped texture from _excentric_.
LOL to #1, pretty much the funniest thing ever especially with your notes.

It has also forced me to come to the realization that I have far too few (as in none) zombie related icons. :C
lol, LOVE 1 and 5. Love them all, actually. Your coloring is beautiful, too! :D

Deleted comment

I LOVED THEEM!!! *0* i really don't know how many i'm going to take LOL
I'm def using some of these.
They're beautiful *___*
i love your icons soooo much. i can't wait for more :D
Stealing numbers 10 and 14. So very lovely. And I'm taking the Cookleta header. XD Will credit when used. XD

these are lovely, dear! going to snag a few of them. will credit. :) probably will take the first header too. <3

oh, and I SO agree with your note for number 1. XD
who is that with cook in #10?
I don't know who she is either :( It's from Cook's pre-Idol facebook/myspace photo albums.

Re: clueless...


9 years ago

these are awesome! i'm taking a few, thanks!
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