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Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert moodtheme

LATEST NOTE (01/04/08): A hopefully permanent link for the zip file is up! I've also got the preview images back, though not a full preview.

NOTE (19/10/07): I'm having hosting problems, so the moodtheme preview/zip is currently unavailable. However, if you want the zip file, please leave a comment and I will upload it for you ASAP.

The Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert moodtheme that I've made a long time ago is now available for public consumption!

All 132 80x40 mood pictures are of Jon, Stephen or Jon and Stephen. There are a lot of humorous Jon Stewart Facial Expressions. Warnings for mild slashiness too ;)

NO HOTLINKING. Comments and credit to iconthology would be appreciated.

artistic impressed

The entire moodtheme can be previewed here.

Download all 132 images (plus the admin console codes required for installation) HERE (at Use Winzip or Winrar to unzip the files.

To install, please refer to these instructions. However, direct all questions to this post.
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