Descartes (sigarilyo) wrote in iconthology,

25 American Idol icons

Warnings for blasphemy, real people slash and affectionate mocking. The endnotes may have, um, gotten out of hand.

I love Davids Archuleta and Cook a lot (LIKE I LOVE LIFE OKAY), but that doesn't prevent me from making fun of them in icon form. It's like a compulsion!

Icon count:
5 David Cook
10 David Archuleta
5 David Cook/David Archuleta
5 American Idol-related quotes

NO HOTLINKING. Feel free to take, steal, circulate, &c. Comments and credit to iconthology would be appreciated. (I also take requests.)







- #s 1 and 5 inspired by the movie Eagle vs. Shark
- #2 inspired by Cook's hilarious skit from Best Week Ever
- on #4: d. cook? ilu, but that was so not your most flattering picture ever.
- #11 was brought on by a combo of two-day-Idol-marathon-related insanity and the overwhelming creepiness of people who excessively rave about David's purity (and they're not talking about his voice). The manip, in that grand tradition, seemed like a good idea at the time (check it out). Credit to the puppy-healing quote must go to David Hewlett in Scanners 2 and SGA fandom. *starts wearing kevlar*
- #12 text from Samwell's What What (In The Butt)
- on #13: ulop and I were coming up with increasingly absurd ways David's dad abuses him. This was our, uh, "special" explanation of why David keeps shying away from people touching him. Sorry, David :(
- #14: an actual sign from an Idol audience member
- #21: Andrew Lloyd-Webber, you so creepy!
- #s 22-23: from aforementioned BWE
- #24 from the Larry King Live interview of the Top 10
- #25: a Randy Jackson compliment or subtle dig at stupid lyrics? You decide!
Tags: people: david archuleta, people: david cook, tv: american idol
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omg, all these are amazing. snagged several.
Oh my god.

I pretty much just took the entire post, yeah.
Oh god, thank you for these. They're all brilliant! :)

These are amazing (all of them). I think I'mma snag #16 just because it's so gorgeous - and # 23 because it's hilarious. And I love it.
lol, ok. I LOVE icon #23....and LOL at #17! I'm gonna snag #23, thank you! These are all so great :D
I was trying to snag many. but I think i have to buy a new hard drive. DRAT!
i lol'd. hard. at your win.
Lmfao @ 17 <3

Snatching like, all of them *-*
Okay, so I love #13.

I'm taking that one. And a couple of other ones. These rule.
Lol, these are amazing. Snagged a few.
These are all so amazing!! I'm having a hard time choosing which ones to use! But I am definitely snagging some. <3
Goodness, these are freakin' awesome! Basically snagging the whole bunch!
not taking any, but lol @ 17.
wow, these are the best icons EVER. seriously. when i use, i shall credit!
LOVE all of them! Took 20 and 24! :D :D make more, these are AMAZING!!!
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